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December 31, 2012
Category Thoughts
by: Loyva Conje-Fernandez
Congratulations, the year is almost over: the end to all the frenetic, frazzled, and frantic hustling and bustling and moving about. It is the end of 365 (almost) days of panic, stress, and extreme emotions. These last few days of 2012 are coming to a dramatic, hyperbolic close.

But what does the end of the year really mean to us? It means, ironically, PAUSE. While everyone is beginning the holiday frenzy: swinging back and forth from one mall to another; rushing to and from parties; getting all spiffy and swanky; we REST.

We rest to celebrate in the quiet of our homes, the peace with our loved ones, the solitude of sleep. After nearly 100 events, we stop, breathe, and REST. 2012 has been unpredictably abuzz with so many last minute events, unbelievably close deadlines, and near-to-impossible requirements. It was characterized by a new kind of BUSY, one that we call the NO-LEAD-TIME-BUSY. Suddenly, we were swamped with events that we had to mount in one or two weeks. Suddenly, we were given projects that defied common sense.

But as we are wont to do, we prevailed over these seemingly insurmountable odds to come up with an EXPERIENCE that only SAGA can provide. It seems fitting to want to give each one of us a proverbial pat on the back. That was one hell of a ride.

In the midst of breaking Guinness records, re-establishing the new cool, recognizing fashion frontliners, and redefining luxury, we have managed to grow as an organization and understand who we really are in the grand scheme of things. WE ARE SUPERHEROES. We may not be wielding weapons, nor saving lives, but we are PROTECTING BRANDS, BUILDING CAMPAIGNS, and ASSISTING IN MARKET DOMINATION.

Or we may just be delusional. We leave that matter to our clients.

To sum it up, 2012 is a definitive year for SAGA. There were goodbyes and hellos, there were transfers and comebacks, but one thing remains constant: WE CONTINUE TO EVOLVE.

And that is our take on the classic Darwinian theory: survival of the fiercest.

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